Ival Kral, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO, says the ‘Framework for sustainable leather manufacture 2.0’ has been updated following various comments he received, based on the need to provide the leather industry with up-to-date information, especially on topics related to sustainable leather manufacture.

The paper, designed to reflect recent developments in defining and computing leather carbon footprint (CF) and the presence of restricted substances in leather (RSLs), also seeks to expand on subjects such as sustainability, vegetable tanning, as well as on the future and promotion of leather as a “noble, unique and sustainable material”. 

UNIDO is now in the finalisation stage of the paper preparation and welcomes comments and suggestions. The current draft FSLM 2.0 is not the final version; once all comments are incorporated, the paper will be edited and formatted around June/July 2018.

To access the paper, please click here.