Besides the time-saving advantages, Stahl’s EasyWhite Tan contributes to outstanding leather quality producing leather that is very soft and smooth, yet, it remains dimensionally and thermally stable. The collagen fibres are less damaged during the tanning process, resulting in a tighter grain and wrinkle reduction, thereby upgrading the leather quality. The stronger fibres make the leather more durable, tear resistant and greatly versatile. This enables thinner and lighter leather than ever before. Furthermore, hide utilisation is optimised.  

Thanks to its pearl white appearance, Stahl EasyWhite Tan is not only suited for dark coloured leather, but also for white and light colourings. Further, leather tanned with this system shows an extremely high skin tolerance. Therefore, it is ideal for all kinds of applications. Combined with the leather finishing you want, the possibilities in look and feel are endless.

Stahl invites members of the industry to join its journey to a more sustainable future, without compromising the quality of leather.

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