On the day after Lineapelle, Friedemann Schaber, Senior Lecturer in Product Design at the University of Northampton, will present Leather Futures, Innovation Drivers and Trends in Automotive Interiors.

In this presentation, he will discuss how leather can be used as the material of choice for future automotive interiors. Schaber will chart leather innovations and how these align with mobility trends from a designer’s point of view.

About the speaker

Schaber has a background as an industrial designer working in Europe and the Far East prior to undertaking a PhD in Vehicle Design research at the Royal College of Art on design applications of collagenic fibres and biocomposites.

With his colleagues at the University of Northampton, he investigates design applications of sustainable materials and develops conceptual models and prototyping systems for industrial and transportation design. Schaber advocates for the introduction of live client projects into the design curriculum.

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