ROTACOAT J1 3400 – 2024

  • Reverse and Synchro Mode capable
  • Upgraded transmission to the conveyor belt featuring a new gear box coupled with super torque drive (STD) timing belt, which minimises vibrations and helps extend maintenance intervals
  • The innovative geometry of the rubber belt (patented) allows to get rid of any detaching devices, offering higher quality leathers with no flesh contamination and less maintenance costs
  • Thorough compensation of the uneven structure of the leathers thanks to the combined thickness of a soft rubberised pressure roller plus a new thin rubber conveyor (patented)
  • Working mode selection for base coating or stucco
  • Surface treated “Extended Range” coating rollers that yield great smoothness and superior durability.

The advantages brought in by the surface-treated “Extended Range” rollers are:

  • Great superficial smoothness that translates into the possibility of feeding softer and more supple leathers
  • Much higher lifespan thanks to the plasma coating (thermal spraying) of tungsten carbides
  • Rotacoat’s proprietary process of impregnation with a special chemical product, which protects surfaces against corrosion/oxidation from atmospheric agents, chlorine and from acids and bases substances in general.

In addition, this product has the following characteristics:

  • Anti-adherent against dirt and fingerprints
  • High compactness and good adhesion to multi surfaces
  • Superior hardness and abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to high temperatures (max 250°C) and UV rays.

Don’t forget the following benefits:

  • Programmable doctor blade positioning with digital control on both ends by means of brushless servomotors and visualisation via touchscreen allows users to measure out with great precision the add on of paint across the entire working width and greatly reduces the wear and tear of both doctor blade and coating rollers
  • SAFE BLADE® is a new, patented doctor blade made of plastic material which perfectly cleans the surface of the coating roller. It does not sharpen and allows for a more consistent and flawless coating process
  • Accurate control of the working thickness that is individually adjustable at both ends (left, right or synchronised) by means of brushless servomotors
  • Setting up of working recipes through the menu available on the control panel so that all the individual settings can be easily recalled and reproduced for the sake of process repeatability.

This article is an advertorial provided by Rotacoat.