The machines are available for sale as a complete lot, in packages or as single machines. They are directly available from the Milan area along with services including professional dismantling, loading and international transport. Conceria di Urgnano processes sheep, lamb, skivers, kangaroo, buffalo and exotic leathers.

The main available assets are:

  • Alpe Spak Suprema 1550
  • Rotomec Newton 1500
  • Rotopress RGR1800
  • Rotopress NRG 22
  • Italprogetti Bottale-Follonare 2.6×1.8
  • Aletti Smerigliatrice SN 180
  • Selin Projects Linear Plus 1600 G2
  • Tanmac Tecnology ROB3 18 UC MI + TTSC
  • Cartigliano StaKTreking
  • Barnini Cabina Manuale
  • Barnini TU ALT-2C-B3 2500-TB2 BRUC 2200
  • Officine Meccaniche MM EVO GRAIN IC-1F/18.15C STACKER IC-EVO
  • Hüni PPH AGI NJ 2.0X1.5 Dyeing and Tanning Drum
  • Hüni PPH NJ 2.5X1.8 Dyeing and Tanning Drum.

The company also has a large stock of skins available (>100,000 pieces) including mutton split, whole mutton, lambskins, goatskins, kangaroo skins, buffalo hides, sheepskins and reptile skins.

See the full listing for more information.