The competition aims to provide an exciting forum for design students from prestigious Chinese design universities to develop and produce trend-setting, inventive and inspiring leather consumer products. Design students participating in the competition will feature U.S. leather, used exclusively or in combination with other natural materials, in their designs across several categories; apparel, bags, footwear and fashion accessories. Seven Chinese design universities are taking part in the competition; Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational College, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Art and Design College of Wenzhou University, Guangling College of Yangzhou University and Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic. 

The competition will take place in two phases. First, the designers are to submit sketches from mid-November through the end of December 2019, after which 45 designers will be selected by a judge panel comprised of local leather experts and fashion designers. During the second stage of the competition, scheduled to take place February – April 2020, selected contestants will make real leather product samples based on their design submissions. The winners are to be honoured at an award ceremony hosted by USHSLA and CLIA at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology during the first week of May 2020. In addition to receiving Certificates of Excellence, cash awards and attendance at the award ceremony, they will receive exclusive training opportunities in the U.S. in July-August 2020, sponsored by USHSLA.