Several Hanoi textile, garment and footwear enterprises joined the international fair in Brno, Czech Republic between August 22-25, as well as the seminar held jointly by the Hanoi Industry and Trade Department and the Czech Industry Department the day before the fair.

In 2014, Hanoi’s garment and textile export value reached US$1.6 billion, out of which US$436 million came from the European market. However, according to Marcel Winter, Chairman of the Czech-Vietnam Friendship Association, Czech enterprises have little information about the partnering country’s economy and enterprises. “In fact, Vietnam’s economy has gained strong growth in recent years and now has great potential in developing further,” Winter said. “Vietnamese enterprises have products with good quality for Czech customers, while they need to import high-quality equipment and machines from the Czech Republic.” And bridging the gap is something the two countries should do quickly: Vietnam’s total export value for the textile and garment segment has already reached US$12.6 billion in the first seven months of 2015, a growth by 10.4%, while footwear’s export value has grown 20.9% reaching US$6.97 billion during the same period.

Source: Vietnam News