All the 7,000 calfskins from its weekly production are processed in-house by the company and the traceable leather is marketed as ‘ReVeal’. Many of the skins are salted, chilled, and sold directly but a large proportion (around 40%) are processed at the company’s own tanning facility in the Netherlands and sold as wet-blue, wet-white, crust or finished leather to customers around the world.

“Because we process around 7,000 calves a week from our own fully integrated supply chain it is possible for us to trace the animals back to their birth farms. We have devised a system where we can track 100% of our production which gives our customers peace of mind when it comes to sensitive issues such as animal welfare, deforestation, land use and environmental protections. They can be assured that they will not face any of these issues with our leathers”, Twan de Bie, Managing Director, Vitelco Leather explained to ILM.

The Vitelco tannery is one of two remaining tanneries in the Netherlands that produces finished leather from fresh hides and is based in the town of Lichtenvoorde in the east of the Netherlands, close to the German border.

“We developed the system with a partner to apply the holes to the fresh hides using a laser solution. This code is directly connected to our database. During process, the code is read with a special camera and even with darker colours we can look at the code using a light source under the leather”, says de Bie.

Full details about the traceability system from Vitelco Leather will be published in the September/October 2021 print and digital magazine edition of ILM.