Deliveries in Europe increased +26% in the month, attributed to sales of vehicles type-tested in accordance with NEDC before the entry into force of the WLTP test procedure on September 1. Deliveries in the Netherlands increased +59.3%, the UK +56.3%, Spain +55.1% and Sweden +44.8%. Overall, deliveries in Western Europe rose +26.1%, year-on-year, with home market Germany recording a +17.3% increase. Deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe were up +25.6% and Russia +20.4%.

North American sales contracted -7.5% in August despite a slight +0.7% increase registered in the U.S.. The Tiguan and Atlas SUVs were the “cornerstones of success” in the region, according to the automaker. The new Jetta, where monthly deliveries topped the 10,000 mark for the first time, is said to have provided important impetus. In Mexico, a fall of -16.6% was recorded as a result of “the tense situation in the overall market”. In South America, deliveries increased +10.9%, largely helped by sales in Brazil (+6.4%).

Between January and August, a total of 4,137,900 vehicles were delivered, representing a +6.2% rise compared with the corresponding period in 2017 and setting a new record. “August was another strong month for the Volkswagen brand in many markets: we posted record deliveries for the month of August and for the period January-August”, said Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales. “We will be able to deliver far fewer vehicles in Europe in September due to the changeover to the WLTP test procedure. October will also get off to a subdued start, but we are expecting a strong performance from the Volkswagen brand in November and December in particular.”