In total, 170,939 BEV (battery electric vehicle) models were delivered throughout the world up to the end of June, more than twice as many as in the prior-year period (up 165.2%). After 59,948 BEV had been delivered to customers in the first quarter (up 78.4% compared with the previous year), deliveries increased significantly, as planned, in the second quarter to 110,991 units (up 259.7% compared with the previous year).

The group’s home market of Europe lead in the first half year, with 128,078 vehicles – a share of 74.9%. In the USA, the group handed over 18,514 BEV models to customers, corresponding to 10.8% of its worldwide BEV deliveries. In China, 18,285 battery-electric vehicles were sold to customers in the first half of 2021, accounting for 10.7% of the group’s worldwide BEV deliveries.

Slightly more than half of the BEV deliveries throughout the world up to the end of June were Volkswagen brand, which equated 92,859 vehicles to customers, a share of 54.3%. Premium brands Audi and Porsche followed with 32,775 vehicles (share: 19.2%) and 19,822 vehicles (share: 11.6%) respectively.

The top five BEV models in the first half were Volkswagen ID with 437,292 vehicles, Volkswagen ID with 331,177 vehicles, Audi e-tron (incl. Sportback) with 25,794 vehicles, Porsche Taycan (incl. Cross Turismo) with 19,822 vehicles and Volkswagen e-up! with 17,890 vehicles.