In the first eleven months of 2017, the Volkswagen Group brands delivered four million vehicles (+3.3%) in Europe, of which 295,400 (+4.6%) were handed over to customers in Western Europe. Some 112,200 new vehicles (+7.3%) were delivered to customers in Germany. According to the automotive manufacturing Group, this trend was “boosted by the positive effect of the environmental incentive”.

In Central and Eastern Europe, the high demand for Group vehicles since the beginning of the year is said to have continued, with 69,400 new vehicles sold in the region in the month of November (+15.7%) year-on-year. Group deliveries in North America rose 2.1% in November and the upward trend in the South American market is reported to have continued, with the Group recording double-digit growth of 25.5% in the region since the beginning of the year.

Between January and November 2017, over four million new vehicles were sold in the Asia-Pacific (+3%), with deliveries in the region up +14.8% in November, primarily driven by growth in China (+15.3%), the largest single market.

In the premium segment, sales of the Porsche brand have totalled 226,800 units worldwide since the beginning of the year (+3.9), while sales of the Audi brand are down -0.8% so far, totalling 1,699,500 units. Deliveries of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars have increased 4% in the first eleven months of 2017.