In the period to May 2016, Volkswagen Group delivered a total of 4.2 million units worldwide, representing an increase of 0.8% over the corresponding period in 2015. However, there continues to be considerable variations in growth between the regions.

Over 369,500 vehicles were delivered to customers in Europe in May 2016, up 4.6% year-on-year. The Western European market registered a 3.4% growth, mainly from the home market of Germany (+2.6%), France and Italy. Strong growth was recorded in Central and Eastern Europe (+11.7%), despite customers being affected “by the tense situation in Russia in the first quarter”. In Russia, 13,200 vehicles were delivered to customers in May, a 7.5% increase compared with the previous year’s figure.

The Group delivered 367,200 vehicles to customers in North America in the year to May, representing a slight fall (-1%) compared with the previous year. Audi and Porsche recorded growth in the region but deliveries by the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand fell.

In the South American region, 38,100 vehicles were handed over to customers in May 2016 (-20.4%). The results were mainly affected by the current economic trend in Brazil, where a drop of 31.1% has been recorded compared with the previous year.

As for the Asia-Pacific region, a 4.1% rise was registered in May 2016, with the main impetus coming from China (+4.9%) and Japan. In the year to May, 1,708,400 vehicles were handed over to customers in the Asia-Pacific region (+ 3.3%).

Overall, on a worldwide basis, Audi delivered a total of 164,100 cars in May 2016, up 6.7% year-on-year. Porsche registered a slight decrease for the month with 20,200 vehicles being delivered against 20,600 in May 2015, a fall of -2%.