In a SOS message to the Governor he said that the zone is now facing perpetual drought and the second largest export industry has been threatened with closure. Fawad Jawed said that underground water is drying up rapidly, the only source of water for the leather industries was to get water through tankers but because of the closure of all hydrants in the area, by the KWSB, that source has also been dried up.

Fawad said that, on the other hand, a huge amount of Rs 44 million (US$405,000) released by the Governor for a water supply project through KWSB is also feared to go to waste. KWSB, appears to have abandoned the project after laying a 12 inch pipeline from Chamra Chowrangi to Sector 7-A in order to supply water from KWSB’s main line which has not yet been connected to the KWSB’s WTM (Water Trunk Main).

He further said that the work on the reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants project has not been started and he is sure that precious funds are being wasted. He said that the Managing Director KWSB, Qutubuddin Shaikh, in his last meeting with the PTA said that supply of water to the tannery zone was linked with the installation of two RO desalination plants.

Source: Business Recorder