In his presentation, titled “Hides and skins quality standards”, Matelli will give an overview of several global standards that already exist for the supply of raw materials, in particular bovine hides, including regulations covering North America, Australia and standard EN16055, which applies across the European Union. Furthermore, Matelli will explain best practice and why meat processors should attempt to present their raw materials to this standard in order to avoid unnecessary waste trimmings and chemical usage during the leather making process and control the trimming and subsequent export of hides.

Francesco Matelli

Francesco Matelli 

About the presenter
Francesco Matelli, is CEO of Matelli SLR, supplier of raw materials to the tanning industry and since 2017 also the Chairman of Camera Arbitrale Per Il Commercio Delle Pelli, the National and International Chamber of Arbitration for Hides, Skins and Leather, now seated in Milan, Italy, an institution which, since 1936, represents and defends the rights of operators in the hides, skins and leather supply chain. Matelli and his team have over 40 years’ of experience in agency agreements with the main European, U.S. and Australian hide suppliers, having grown a global business network, and therefore have a comprehensive view of market trends and developments.

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