In addition to pure vegetable extracts, which are naturally bisphenol-free, Silvateam offers a selection of tanning agents that are either bisphenol-free or have low bisphenol content. These include new hybrid tannins, syntans, resins and auxiliaries that are suitable for various leather articles such as shoe uppers, leather goods, garments and automotive products.

Ecotan 95 AND Ecotan 987: These advanced and sustainable retanning polymers are completely free from bisphenols and show extremely low values of free phenol and free formaldehyde. They work synergistically during the retanning and are used to produce leather goods and shoe upper leathers.

Ecotan 95 confers a good fullness and, thanks to its off-white colour and good lightfastness, is suitable for making light coloured or pastel toned leathers. Total bisphenol content: 0ppm. Ecotan 987 confers an excellent tightness with a fine grain. Due to its extremely good dispersing properties, it penetrates uniformly through the leather section, favouring the even spreading of other anionic products. Total bisphenol content: 0ppm.

Ecotan Auto DNI LBP: This extremely light-coloured hybrid tannin is specifically designed for automotive leathers. It delivers several benefits, including good embossing retention, excellent fullness and softness, tight and silky grain, as well as excellent light/heat fastness. Total bisphenol content: <200ppm.

Tara Extra LBP (Liquid): This new generation liquid hybrid extract shows improved environmental and technical performance, especially developed for automotive leathers. Total bisphenol content: <100ppm.

Ecotan MXP LBP: This dark-coloured hybrid tannin is formulated for automotive leathers. It confers an embossing retention, fullness, tightness and softness, while keeping a fine grain and silky touch. The resulting light/heat fastness is extremely good. Total bisphenol content: 300ppm.

Ecotan WW (Liquid): This liquid hybrid is developed for the retannage of leathers, especially when white or light-coloured articles are required. It is perfectly suitable for technical articles, such as automotive and upholstery leathers. Total bisphenol content: <300ppm.

Blancotan MKS LBP (Liquid): This new generation liquid syntan is combined with proteins to provide a strong filling effect, particularly in the loose areas of the skin such as the belly, flanks and neck. This prevents the leather from becoming hard. The syntan can be used for all types of articles. Total bisphenol content: 200ppm.

Ledosol PWN: This new retanning biopolymer agent imparts a marked selective filling effect, especially in the flank and belly area. Used in the retannage of vegetable and wet-white leathers, improving the fixation of the anionic products used during the process. Total bisphenol content: 0ppm.

First published in ILM July/August 2023.