But things are starting to change for the better. HIDEXE SaaS makes it possible to clearly and unmistakably define any product description and ensure a transparent price discovery based on the highest market bids. The best feature is that all these steps are achieved with only a few clicks.

HIDEXE SaaS stores all product definitions along with important related data (packaging, quantity per load, etc), thus greatly facilitating repeat ‘flow’ business transactions. At the start of a new sales offer (auction), the product description is called up from the cloud-based trading dashboard, and only the quantity, price, availability period, sale conditions and the list of target customers are entered.

Once the auction has started, every invited buyer can bid on the offered product and the highest bidder wins. Auctions can last anywhere from a few minutes to a week, depending on the seller’s preference. HIDEXE SaaS then prepares standardized legal documentation for every successfully completed auction, which can easily be audited and modified by buyers and sellers, before it is signed by both sides. With HIDEXE SaaS, price evolution is documented for every single transaction, giving all involved parties a piece of mind, especially if prices need to be demonstrated to third parties.

HIDEXE SaaS provides considerable amount of important historical and transactional data, which in turn allows purchasing and sales teams to make and document objective pricing decisions.

*This article in an advertorial provided by Hidexe.