Once again, International Leather Maker (ILM) invited tanners from across the world to take part in its annual Tanner Business Confidence Survey to assess the current mood, business climate and the main issues facing operators in the sector, and to reflect on key trends and changes that have occurred over the past 12 months. A copy of the full results, which are compared against 2017 and 2018, is available to ILM subscribers only, with 11 new questions having been added to this year’s comprehensive survey, revealing the true extent of the pressure the tanning industry is under. To become an ILM subscriber click here.

In the enlarged 2019 survey, we asked tanners not only about the market itself and what they see as the main causes for concern and optimism, but also what they thought of industry campaigns such as Leather Naturally and leather industry accreditation bodies such as I.CE.C, LWG and CSCB in a neutral and unbiased way.

Tanners – whose profile covers reputable international tanners who process millions of sq ft of leather for a multitude of end-uses, from footwear and leather goods through automotive to furniture, saddlery, gloving, sole leather and more – were asked to share their views and key concerns for their business and wider sector, including issues around access to finance, raw material prices, CSR, consumer attitudes as well as the markets that are their strongest and weakest performers, all giving an insightful and valuable snapshot of the global tanning industry in mid-2019.

This year ILM received a record number of submissions, and thanks to the volume and high quality of responses we can say with confidence that the results give an accurate and meaningful representation of the current state of the tanning industry and indication where it is heading over the next 12+ months. The ILM Tanner Business Confidence survey, now in its sixth year, is the most comprehensive survey of global tanners of its type. It provides a real insight into how the market is and may perform in the future and outlines the investments tanners will make in the future, such as in new technologies.

A full copy of the results will be made available (in electronic format) to ILM subscribers only. To buy a subscription to ILM and access premium content click here.