The rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world is presenting an unprecedented challenge to the leather industry. To get to the bottom of the key issues businesses across the wider leather supply chain are facing, how they are responding to them and what measures they are putting in place to mitigate any short to mid-term impact of the coronavirus on their operations, ILM invited tanners, manufacturers, OEMs, Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, hide traders and agents, chemical/machinery companies as well as retailers and brands to share their views on both the industry as a whole and their businesses in particular.

The full and detailed survey results provide credible and authoritative insight into the level of concern or business confidence over areas such as:

– Declining demand and cancelled/reduced order volumes of leather goods
– Operational fears such as payment deferments, staffing levels and transport/travel restrictions
– The initiatives and steps which will be crucial to market and leather sector recovery
– Predicted timescales as to whether and when the industry will return to growth
– What impact and changes we may see across industry supply chains post Covid-19
– Any positive outcomes and opportunities which may come out of the crisis

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