The World Bank is taking interest in cleaning and making the Ganga river area pollution-free. A team from the World Bank visited the Kanpur area on May 8. Bank representative Parmeshwar Ayyar told officials that the river could never be cleaned until the tanneries, discharging millions of litres of waste, were not shifted.

Treatment plants were established at Bingwan, Vajidpur, Jajmau and Sajari but it is unclear if they are operational. The Vajidpur plant is not functional due to opposition by farmers in Baniyapurwa, the treatment plant could not take shape there. When these plants would become functional, the discharge would be reduced into the river. A sewer treatment plant (STP) was working and it was treating 162 million litres per day of domestic sewer. The plant was also treating 9 million litres per day from tannery discharge claim local officials.

World Bank team member Genlev Karmosh said that the bank would assist in shifting the tanneries from Jajmau to some other place. The team visited Vajidpur pumping station and sewage treatment plant and also inspected a tannery and its treatment plant.

Source: Times of India