According to the company, the FDM will help businesses more effectively track ongoing progress towards their decarbonisation targets and make decisions that drive environmental improvements faster.

Aligned with the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM), the FDM enables manufacturers to share key impact data with their brand and retail partners. With FDM, brands can reportedly see the waste, water and emissions they are uniquely responsible for within a single factory.

Manufacturing facilities that complete the annual Higg FEM assessment can automatically import monthly data from the FDM into Higg FEM, while facilities can also use the FDM to track their own sustainability targets and share progress.

Scott Raskin, CEO of Worldly, said: “I’m excited about the improved insights and transparency into performance, targets and progress that Facility Data Manager provides, and the new level of partnership that it enables as companies look to accelerate impact across the supply chain.”