The award is administered by the International Union Research Commission (IUR) and is aimed at a research project to be conducted at a recognized institution. The YLSG seeks to encourage young scientists, under the age of 30, and research topics that will advance the scientific understanding of leather manufacturing.  

The first grant of €1,000 was awarded in January 2015 to Dr Yunhang Zeng from Sichuan University and her research proposal to study the mechanism of enzyme action in beamhouse processing. Enzyme assisted processing is an area of much interest around the world and supports the IULTCS’ goal of a more sustainable leather process. The IUR wants to build on this success and the interest shown in the first grant.

“As the YLSG becomes better known we look forward to even greater interest from students and researchers around the world. To have one’s research recognised as worthy of support by an international body such as the IULTCS should provide incentive beyond the monetary value of the grant”, stated Dr Zugno, Chair of the IUR, who expressed satisfaction with the submissions for the 2015 grant, both in the number and quality of proposals. 

Details of eligibility requirements, application procedure, and necessary documentation:

Submission deadline: November 27, 2015.