Zschimmer & Schwarz’s highlights for this year:

  • A new range of fatliquors and softening agents designed for low emission (VOC/FOG) on car upholstery leathers based on raw materials of synthetic, natural and polymeric origin. Recent applications in production scale show an important reduction of all VOC/FOG parameters whilst maintaining the desired softness, tightness and grain break with outstanding heat and light resistances.
  • Dolatan F1: a newly developed liquid retanning agent completing the syntan range with good heat and light resistance, filling effect and tight grain at a competitive price.
  • Contripon DEO: an extended speciality range in addition to Contripon AO, an antioxidant. Contripon DEO, a brand new product to fight unpleasant smell stemming from low grade beamhouse operations (recycled process waters, insufficient washing/rinsing processes), will terminate Sulphur/de-naturated protein smells to meet the highest standards due to its unique chemistry.
  • The considerably extended Novaltan retanning range based on latest R&D results with blends of widely unknown vegetable extracts with syntans/fillers to cover rising demands for tight grain break for the softest leathers.

All the supplier’s field service staff from China responsible for leather and fur customers will be present on the stand; they will introduce new applications and products ranging from increased retanning, fatliquoring systems and waterproofing, to dyeing and degreasing. Zschimmer & Schwarz’s distribution partners from Asia, especially China, and other parts of the world will also be present at the fair.

Hall E2, stand D03.