L3 Leather cutter

With a new turnkey system for leather cutting, Zünd offers the perfect solution for anyone involved in leather processing. The system is centered on the Zünd L3 series with high-performance tools capable of processing leather and similar materials at speeds of up to
84 m/min and a punching capacity of up to 8 holes per second, even in thick, tough leather materials. L3 cutting systems are available in two sizes: The L3 C-40 has an active cutting
area of 2300 x 1000 mm, the L3 C-56 a working area of 3240 x 1000 mm. In each case, the cutting area is divided into several individually controllable vacuum zones. A steplessly adjustable vacuum turbine ensures impeccable material hold-down during processing. The cutting system can also be operated in tandem mode, a highly productive workflow in which cutting and unloading/nesting/reloading can occur simultaneously, without any interruptions to the cutting process.

Low operating costs and easy integration in existing production workflows: with the Zünd L3 cutting system, leather processing has become more precise, efficient and economical than ever. Zünd cutters are the perfect solution for any type of production workflow – prototyping, custom- and serial production.

Economical turnkey systems

To complement the L3 cutter series, Zünd now offers a projection system and MindCut CAD/CAM software created by software developer Mind. An outstanding feature of the software is the intelligent nesting function. The user has the option to nest interactively or select different levels of automated nesting. In all phases, both the cutter and software are specifically geared towards maximizing the yield from leather as valuable raw material. The system keeps waste to an absolute minimum. This perfectly matched, turnkey system delivers exceptional productivity and is equally well equipped to meet the needs of smaller, custom producers as well as high-volume operators.

Maximum productivity

The Zünd exhibit also showcases two, in-line S3 M-800 cutters operating in tandem. This configuration allows for continuous operation and reduces personnel requirements to a minimum. With a G3 L-2500 equipped with two cutter extensions and a projection system, Zünd presents a robust, high-performance cutting system for the shoe industry, configured for processing sole- and reinforcement materials.

Simac Tanning Tech: Hall 18, stand K47/H42