The suite includes Zünd UK’s flagship modular digital cutters, two refurbished meeting rooms with software demonstration capabilities and comprehensive information to help users visualise how the equipment can work for myriad applications.

Every modular system is tailor-made for each user and is designed to evolve as needs change, so the demonstration centre offers a valuable opportunity to see the almost infinite combinations in action. Zünd UK has designed tools for both sample-making and serial production in the automotive, automation, fashion, footwear, upholstery and technical textile sectors.

“We’re really pleased with the new demonstration suite and how it works to meet visitors’ needs,” says Peter Giddings, Sales Director, Zünd UK. “This is an opportunity open to leather product manufacturers that wish to fully demonstrate an end-to-end workflow in action in a dedicated space.

“With our full tool range available and Zünd experts on hand, it’s the ideal place to showcase technology as part of a complete system.”